• Parents & School Staff Together

    Encourage Excellent Character In Children


    Teach - Enforce - Advocate – Model!

    ·         Walk the Walk - model the six pillars in from of your children

    ·         Talk the Talk - Use the language and definitions of the six pillars in family discussions.

    ·         Incorporate - use the six pillars when setting expectations of behavior

    ·         Follow Through - discuss the six pillars in giving rewards for positive behavior and consequences for negative behavior

    ·         Emphasize - let school and home enhance each other by both emphasizing a pillar each month:

    ·         Work as a family to build character in the emphasized area

    ·         Write "family rules" relating to each pillar

    ·         "Catch" each other doing the right thing


    “We show respect and teach responsibility by providing young people with the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect them."

    M. Josephson