• video camera
    "Live From Algonkian Elementary, It's Good Morning Algonkian!"can be heard every morning at 7:50am from the WALG studio located off the front office.  The Technology Task Force, made up of eight fifth graders, take turns each week as anchors, camera person, and director to bring a live digital broadcast to each classroom.
    Each morning the anchors bring us the pledge, the lunch menu and the weather.  We rotate through patriotic and school songs every morning  which adds variety and interest to the show. Mr. Blubaugh, our principal, comes on each and every morning to great students and staff and keep everyone updated on the daily and upcoming events. Stop by and view "Good Morning Algonkian" on the television in the front lobby each school day at 7:50am or click on the below link and watch from your computer at home.
    Here is a - LIVE WALG link at 7:50 a.m. each school day.