• Algonkian Elementary's
    Technology Task Force
    2023 - 2024

    computer with bobcat
       Algonkian Elementary's twelve-member Technology Task Force Team will start the first day of school!  The TTF members will work with Mrs. Burkett and Mrs. Jackson and the entire student body to produce and broadcast throughout the school a daily morning news and information televised program called WALG. (Parents, you may view the morning show daily on the television which will be provided for you in the school lobby at 8 am!)  But their jobs won't stop there! Not only will they learn how to properly care for our equipment, they will be responsible for special assignments during the school day as reporters, investigators, and photographers gathering information and pictures for our web page, school mural, and various projects. Also, during the year, the team will meet during lunch meetings and after school to brainstorm ideas for the morning show and to learn how to use multimedia video equipment, technology care, and digital citizenship skills. 
    We are extremely proud of the members of the
    Tech Task Force 2023-2024:

    Declan Alexander

    Charlotte Ayers

    Haylee Bierd

    Caroline Duffy

    Deepak Galani

    Victoria Gill

    Liam Harris

    Myles Hubbert

    Olivia Lin

    Brooke Soucy

    Bryce Spritzer

    Nicholas Wippich


    Look for our TTF members' work throughout the year and at 8 am each morning on WALG!