Dear Parents,                                                                          

              Algonkian Elementary Library is pleased to announce the Birthday Books Program. Birthday Books is a way for your family to recognize your child and his/her birthday, to help our library grow, and to affirm the importance of books and libraries. Here’s how the program works

    ·         If you wish to participate, regardless of when your child’s birthday is, complete the form below and return it to your child’s teacher before October 1st with your donation of $15.00.  Most children’s hardbound books cost between $16 and $20. The library will subsidize any additional cost.

    ·         Checks should be made payable to Algonkian Elementary School. Monies collected through this program are used to purchase additional books and enrichment materials for our school library.

    ·         I will invite your child to the library to choose a book (from a selection of recently received, new books) to be marked with a bookplate featuring your child’s name and birth date. Your child will then be the first student to check out the book before it becomes a part of our collection.

    ·         The library cannot accept donations of books for this program. All materials added to our collection must meet standards of content and durability; these standards are met by the pre-selected titles.


    Your child will enjoy seeing “their” Birthday Book in the library collection.  This is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to share the joy of good books with others. This is also a wonderful way to recognize your child’s classroom teacher, and celebrate the teacher’s birthday as well.




                                                                       Chrissie Devinney




    Child’s Name_________________________Teacher________________

    (As you wish it to appear on the bookplate; please print)           


    Child’s Birthday___________________________

    Your name and phone number ______________________________

    Thank you in advance for your support of our library!!