• Obesity Prevention Plan

    Algonkian Elementary School

    Physical Education 

    1.Students will increase cardio respiratory endurance by jogging laps during classroom teacher supervised recess.


    2.All students will participate in three jump rope units in physical education class; short, long, couple.


    3.Participating students will have opportunities for cardiovascular endurance in two after school and P.E. sponsored activities: After school basketball league –(Winter) (4th and 5th grades) and A.S.A.P. Club- (Fall) includes various physical activities.


    4. Ideas for fitness will be added to nine-week plans sent to parents. 


    5.Students and parents will receive fitness testing information and L.C.P.S. handout on P.E. at back to school night.


    6.Students will participate in teacher led discussions that will include: general health maintenance including food pyramid, FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type), muscles, bones, heart rate/heart concepts, and components of fitness.          


    7.Parents will be provided with information regarding nine-week plans, obesity prevention, fitness test scores, and after school fitness opportunities.


    8.All Fourth and Fifth Grade students passing the Presidential Fitness Test will receive an official certificate of achievement, bumper sticker, patch, and recognition at the Fifth Grade Commencement.


    9.During the month of May, fourth and fifth grade classes will record number of students in each class passing the Presidential Fitness Test. Their teacher will be awarded a certificate for having the most physically fit class.

    10.All classes will participate in classroom teacher led P.E. two days per week to encourage cardio respiratory endurance, and fitness.