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EL Program Description

  • The Office of English Learners (EL) provides a multi-faceted English language program for non-English or limited-English speaking students in grades K-12. Eligibility for EL services is determined through use of a state approved WIDA assessment. This assessment assists EL teachers with programmatic placement decisions such as identification, placement, and course scheduling of ELs.


    The EL program provides EL students with instruction in the English language by emphasizing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through the use of a structured English language approach. EL students are provided services in models that best fit the linguistic level of each student while not compromising the grade level content and rigor. Likewise, service models are differentiated to best meet individual student needs in the most inclusive environment. A blend of age-appropriate, research-based instructional strategies, such as Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) and instruction in the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards, allows ELs to access the content of the general education classroom. “The goal of English language proficiency standards is to build a foundation in the English language that will enable EL students to succeed in each academic content area.”



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Last Modified on October 19, 2018