Frequently asked Questions

    How to expunge a Middle School Credit?
    For additional assistance, please contact Loudoun County School Counseling Department.
    How does my student sign up for Behind the Wheel?
    Prior to signing up, students should have a Virginia Learner's Permit and have passed the Driver's Education Course given in their 10th grade PE Class. All students are required to attend thePartners for Safe Teen Driving program if they plan to enroll in the Behind the Wheel program. This is a one night seminar which requires the participation of both the student and a parent or guardian
    • Pass classroom Drivers Education
    • Have a valid Virginia Learner's Permit                      
    • Practice driving for 9 months                              
    • Keep a 45-hour driving log (15 hours are night driving)
    Students may be added to the BTW wait list by going to the PE office and showing their permit.  The list is by eligibility date (9 months from permit issue date) and is not first come first served.  Once a driver instructor contacts the student to schedule driving time, a check for $225.00 made out to LCHS must be brought to Mrs Rives in the main office. Students will need to submit their 45 hour log upon the start of the Behind the Wheel class.  
    Private Company - Students wishing to take Behind the Wheel through a private company should go to Mr. Supcoe in the PE office to request their DEC1 certificate.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who have taken Driver's Education at another high school will need to get their certificate from their previous school.
    My student has been absent, how do I get their homework?
    If your son/daughter will be out of school for three or more consecutive days, you may make a request for homework.  Please check first to see if your son/daughter's teacher has posted homework on ParentVue/StudentVue or GoogleClassroom.  If not, then contact the teacher(s) via email to request homework be brought to the counseling office.  The counseling office will hold the homework for you to pick up at your convenience.  Please contact the counseling secretary if there are any questions 571-252-2012.
    How do I get a work permit?
    Application for work permit is found online:  http://www.doli.virginia.gov.  The link for the application can be found on the left side of the home page.
Last Modified on June 13, 2019