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Loudoun County

Public Schools

Student Health Services
Jeannie Kloman, BSN, RN., NCSN
Supervisor of Student Health Services

Parents/Guardians are advised to give medications at home whenever possible.  If it is necessary that a medication be given during school hours please follow the medication at school guidelines. 

Current Information:
The State of Virginia requires all middle school and high school students to have had one dose of the Tdap vaccine.  If a Tdap has been administered after age 7, the requirement is met.  Tdap is a different vaccine than DTaP. Only 1 dose of Tdap is required regardless of the interval since the last pertussis containing vaccine.   More information
Health Forms for registration:
Health Forms for medical needs:
Diabetes - Virginia Diabetes Medical Management Plan   
part 1 completed by parents,
part 2 completed by the physician
Last Modified on May 5, 2017

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