• Research Proposals


    Conducting research in education offers teachers and administrators an opportunity to study factors associated with instruction, curriculum, assessment, or other areas of practice. If you or your organization are interested in conducting research in Loudoun County Public Schools, please follow the steps for "Requesting Research Approval" below prior to initiating the research.


    All research conducted in Loudoun County Public Schools requires written approval from the Department of Instruction. Students in a doctoral or masters program of study who are working on a thesis or dissertation also need approval prior to beginning their research.


    *Requests to administer surveys or questionnaires to students or staff must be submitted to the Research Office using the form below.


    Requesting Research Approval

    1. Email a written request using the Proposal Form below to the Research Office including: Name of researcher, address, telephone, email address, date, description of research study (purpose of study, target participants, length of study and the method to be used to conduct the study), University/College Affiliation (if applicable), supervising professor contact information, course name/title and program of study.
    1. Researcher is notified of receipt of study proposal.
    1. Request is reviewed within the Department of Instruction by appropriate content supervisors, the Director of Research and the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.
    1. Research Applicant is notified of decision regarding study proposal.
    1. If approved, principal or supervisor is notified of research approval and the study is conducted.
    1. Final copy of published research is provided to the Research Office.


    Proposals for studies involving students must include provisions for parental notification and approval prior to beginning research.   In addition, communications with staff, parents and students must state that participation is voluntary.  Please refer to the School Board Research Policy for further requirements and restrictions.


    Requests are reviewed based on the following criteria:

    • Design of the research study, data collection instruments, target population, intended audience and summary report;
    • Impact on instructional time; and
    • Amount of staff time required to support the study.
    Download the Research Request Form here:  Research Proposal Application
Last Modified on September 21, 2017