• Research Office

    Ryan Tyler, Ph.D.

    Vivian Jefferson
    Research Assistant

    Chad Green, PMP
    Program Analyst

    Karen Broskey
    Data Analyst

    The Loudoun County Public Schools Research Office supports administrators, staff, and teachers with data analysis, information, online tools and research to better inform decisions, advance teaching and improve learning throughout the school division. Office staff use collaborative processes to conduct program evaluations, research reviews, and data collection and analyses. Findings from these efforts are disseminated through print and electronic reports, newsletters, professional development, the LCPS data warehouse, the Research Office website, and presentations.
    Services include:

    Data Analysis
    Collect, analyze, and report data regarding student achievement as requested by the LCPS Leadership Team, the Loudoun County School Board, central office staff and school administrators.

    Consultation for Program Planning and Evaluations
    Provide assistance with the design and implementation of programs administered within the school division. Plan and implement program evaluations in collaboration with central office staff.


    Technical Assistance for School Improvement 
    Assist school improvement teams with the identification and measurement of goals and action plans for school improvement, including division-wide surveys.  Offer professional development in the use of the Indistar school improvement planning tool.
    Survey Design and Analysis
    Design survey instruments for data collection related to the goals and mission of LCPS. Provide reports and analysis of results from school-level and district-level surveys. Reports are then used by school administrators and central office
    staff to assess program effectiveness and direct improvement efforts. 


    Dissemination of Educational Research

    Produce a quarterly newsletter, issue briefings, and literature reviews that synthesize current research on topics of interest to LCPS administrative and instructional staff.

    Review of Research Requests
    Coordinate the review and decision-making process for all research proposal requests conducted within LCPS. This includes all external and internal requests.

    Contact Information  

    21000 Education Court 
    Ashburn, VA 20148

    PH: (571) 252-1310
    FX: (571) 252-1575


Last Modified on September 21, 2017