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  • Parent Resource Services provides a list of Loudoun County Public School employees interested in tutoring. PRS provides contact information only and does not get involved in the fees or scheduling.  View the list of tutors.  

    If you experience any difficulties accessing the list of tutors, or if you are an LCPS employee and wish to be placed on the tutoring list, please email Leanne Kidwell at Leanne.kidwell@lcps.org.

    Instructions for Selecting a Tutor:

    1. Select the area in which you live.
    2. Select the grade of your child.
    3. Select the subject(s). 
      1. You may only select one area per subject.  For example, you would only be able to choose Algebra 1 and no other math subject.
      2. You may choose multiple subjects.  For example, you could choose Algebra 1 and High School English.  
    4. Select if you would like the tutor to be able to speak another language.
    5. Select if you would like a tutor who has a special education background.

    If no matches are found that meet your criteria, you may need to go back to the form and select different options.  



    For information on the All in Virginia Tutoring Plan, please refer to the Department of Academics web page.