• College Application Presentation

    Senior College Information Packet 


    *Make sure you're Signed Up for REMIND! This allows School Counseling to contact you quickly with an announcement or question about your applications. 

    *Class of 2020 text @sbhs2020 to 703-722-8068


    Senior Checklist: Applying to Colleges

    Initial Steps:

    1. Identify the colleges you want to apply to and create a list of important deadlines and criteria for the applications. Make sure you are applying for the Fall 2020 school year.


    1.  Complete the Student and Parent Profile Sheets* and turn in or email to your counselor.


    1.  If you need a recommendation for the application, ask for it personally and give your recommender your profile sheets. The recommendation letter should be sent electronically to your school counselor.


    For the School Counseling Office:


    1. Use a separate Transcript Release/Request Form for every college you apply to and turn in to the School Counseling Office at least 10 business days in advance of the application deadline.
    2.  Order your transcript electronically on Parchment. How to ORDER your Transcript on Parchment*.        


                                                                               Order Records

    Further Steps:

    •  Research colleges on Naviance Student: http://cmsweb1.lcps.org/domain/4623
    •  Visit your top college choices and ask for further information about the application process.
    •  When colleges of interest come to SBHS, come and meet their representative in person. This is usually the person who will be reading your application! Sign up with your Naviance Student account by logging in to LCPS GO.
    •  Take your time writing your college essays and short answer questions. Submit them to a teacher or another strong writer who knows you well before attaching them to your application.
    •  Parents can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning October 1, 2020. ACT and SAT scores are not sent through Stone Bridge, they must be requested though ACT.org or CollegeBoard.org.