Starting in the 2020-2021 School Year, the RVH Science Grading will follow the categories below:

    All Non-Research Classes

    Tests: 45%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Labs and Activities: 35%


    Research Science Grading Scale

    (Research Earth Science, Research Biology, Research Chemistry)

    Test: 45%

    Quiz: 15%

    Research Based Assignments : 25%

    Labs and Activities: 15%



    Riverside Science Re-assessment Policy:  Students will have the opportunity to re-assess on unit tests provided a reasonable attempt is given.  Criteria:


    ·        Any student who earns less than a 83% is eligible.

    ·        The student should complete a re-assessment review. 


    The re-assessment will be a different assessment than the first. Final score will be the higher score up to an 83%.  Must be completed on the scheduled time and within 2 weeks from when the original test is reviewed.