• Loudoun County Public Schools is implementing a new electronic agenda system for our School Board Meetings.  This new system is called “BoardDocs” and it replaces the old method of compiling, printing, and distributing meeting documents.


    Through the "BoardDocs" web site the public can view agendas and supporting documents associated with each School Board Meeting.  This allows for viewing and/or printing information prior to meetings. This new electronic system not only saves time and resources, it also provides the public greater access to information that Board Members use to make decisions. After the meeting, individuals can review the agenda items and see what action was taken by the School Board complete with voting information.  All documents associated with meetings are automatically archived and can be searched by meeting date or by using the comprehensive search feature.
    Please click on the link listed below to view Loudoun County "BoardDocs" site. If you have any questions regarding the “BoardDocs” system, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 571-252-1020.
Last Modified on October 14, 2008