Many schools will be offering sports physicals this spring for a nominal fee for all student-athletes.
    Please check with each individual school for details and to schedule an appointment.



    (This includes any off-season practices, conditioning or weight lifting) 

    Designated non-practice/play dates for 2017-2018:                  

    November 22

    December 24

    March 29

    November 23

    December 25

    March 30


    January 1

    March 31

     Designated non-play dates for 2017-2018: (Practices may be held) 

    September 20th and 30th       

    Designated non-play dates after 6:00 pm for 2017-2018: (Practices may be held)

    September 29th

     Spring Break Special Exception Rule:  LCPS varsity athletic teams may participate in tournaments and invitationals through the entirety of spring break week.  The tournaments and invitationals must be held outside of Loudoun County.  Athlete attendance Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is voluntary.

    No Sunday practices will be held.

    Athletes should be prepared to practice/play on all other holidays/teacher workdays. An athlete must always consult his/her coach before missing a practice or game.


Last Modified on June 29, 2017