• Technology and Engineering Education 7th & 8th

    Rob Skelton &  J. Weston Walters



    Technology and Engineering Education is a middle school subject that enables students to become technologically literate.  Going far beyond basic computer knowledge into a whole range of technological systems and ideas, Technology and Engineering Education incorporates and complements science, mathematics, and other disciplines. We are the GO TO PLACE for S.T.E.M. education. Our program provides challenging real world experiences that incorporate the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.


    Students in 7th grade participate in the exploratory Technology and Engineering Education program.  After an orientation period students select from various technology modules that they would like to explore.  This program is hands on and gives the students the opportunity to experience how the application of old, new, and emerging technologies affect their everyday lives.  


    Technology exploration is the emphasis for the 8th grade program.  Students use a networked lab, which is designed to provide active learning situations and higher-order thinking- skill development involving the systematic study and the application of knowledge, creativity, and resources to solve problems.  The networked, modular lab features a multimedia approach where learning materials are presented in a variety of forms.  Eighth grade modules include:  aerodynamics, construction technology, microwave communications, and space technology.


    During the month of August 2004, Eagle Ridge Middle School’s Technology and Engineering Education department was awarded the “Middle School Program of the Year for Technology and Engineering Education in Virginia” by the Virginia Technology Engineering Education Association.  This outstanding award recognizes Technology and Engineering Education programs that have displayed distinguished programs that meet the needs of all the learners.  Furthermore, during the month of March 2005, ERMS Technology and Engineering Education department was awarded the “Program of Excellence Award” in Kansas City, MO at the International Technology Education Association conference.  Our Technology Education Program was recognized as one of less than 35 programs worldwide to earn the prestigious “Program Excellence award”.   The Program Excellence award is one of the highest honors given to Technology Education classroom teacher’s worldwide.


Last Modified on September 11, 2018