• Family and Consumer Science

    Sherry Davis & Beth Newport 


    The Family and Consumer Science program teaches students to apply critical thinking skills through real life activities.  The seventh grade uses the Growing Up Ready Modular Lab by Paxton Patterson.  In the modules the students work through a series of lessons and activities on the computer.  There are twenty-two different stations covering the Virginia curriculum for Family and Consumer Science as well as SOL objectives.  In addition to the modules, the students prepared and served brunch to their parents and teachers. They also learned to sew using high tech sewing and embroidering machines.  Each student was given a copy of the Eagle Ridge Kid’s Cookbook, created by their teacher Mrs. Reynolds and published by the PTO with the support of the administration.


    The eighth grade program is based on teacher-generated lessons using a variety of technological and hands-on experiences emphasizing food preparation, nutrition and wellness, child care and development, personal and family development, career research, budgeting, clothing construction and care, and consumerism.  Some of the fun projects the students created this year were individually designed Ginger Bread Houses, professionally decorated cakes, pajama pants, and monogrammed sweatshirts.  Their teacher initiated a mock day care program at ERMS with the eighth grade students developing activities for the Open Arms preschoolers.  The students also experienced real life adult scenarios when they were given a job and told to buy all the necessities of life with their paycheck.  Some students were faced with low paying jobs due to a lack of education while others were highly paid professionals.  Married couples researched the cost of raising a child and single students dealt with life on their own.  In addition, the students analyzed the cost of setting up a first apartment.  Although the game was fun, many decided that being an adult could be stressful and would definitely have its ups and downs.


Last Modified on September 11, 2018