Administrative Positions         Current Vacancies

    Loudoun County Public Schools' administrative positions include:
    • Assistant Principals
    • Assistant Superintendents
    • Coordinators
    • Directors
    • Engineers
    • Managers
    • Principals
    • Specialists
    • Supervisors

    To begin the process of applying to Loudoun County Public Schools, you must register to create a user ID and password. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email assigning you a Personal Identification (PID) number for future reference. Keep this email; your PID will be important to you in the application process. Next you will complete the entire professional application, including the leadership philosophy statement.
    A letter of interest and updated resume highlighting personal qualifications and skills for each position in which interest is expressed must be submitted. The letter of interest and resume must include the job code number and your PID number. You do not need to submit a new resume for each position, but you should make sure that your most current resume is on file. Your application, resume, or letter of interest must include (3) professional references and provide an address and telephone number for each reference provided.
    All applications are reviewed by a personnel administrator. Applicants will be considered for employment with Loudoun County Public Schools on the basis of qualifications presented in the application. This includes the ability to meet state licensure requirements (if required), to demonstrate effective communication skills, to show a genuine interest to teach or lead in a public school system, and to have appropriate academic preparation.
    Loudoun County Public Schools welcomes an official college or university placement/credentials file, which you may include in your application packet. Also, an official transcript, which indicates degree(s) awarded, must be in your application prior to employment.
    In addition to the application, we request that you take a moment to fill out the LCPS Applicant Ethnicity Survey. It is entirely optional and is used for reporting to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You are not required to include your name and this information will not be considered in any way when reviewing your application.

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Last Modified on December 13, 2017