Current Employees

    Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to "a climate for success" not only for its students, but for its staff as well.
    The Licensed Transfer Process website can be accessed by going to http://transfer.teach4loudoun.com.
    The Employee Relations Division of the Department of Human Resources and Talent Development is available to assist current employees with services including:
    • Career Counseling and Employment Opportunities
    • Contracts and Assignment Letters
    • Destaffing
    • Employee Differences and Staff Conflicts
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Misconduct and Investigations
    • Evaluations and December List
    • Job Descriptions
    • National Board Certification
    • Reclassification
    • Record Maintenance
    • Resignation, Retirement, and Termination
    • School Board Policies
    • School District Procedures
    • Teaching License and Renewal
    • Transfer Process
Last Modified on July 12, 2016