• Business & Financial Services

    21000 Education Court
    Ashburn, Virginia 20148
    Phone: (571) 252-1400

    Sharon Willoughby
    Assistant Superintendent
    Will Tarmon
    Budget Director
    Gabrielle L. Cotman 
    Director of Employee Benefits, Retirement & Disability
    Thomas C. (Tim) Yetter
      Director of Financial Services
    Andrea L. Philyaw
    Procurement Director 
    Robert K. Frye
    Accounting Supervisor
    Michele D. Kovach
    Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits Supervisor
    Lisa K. Frye
    Financial Services Supervisor 
     Susan Casale 
    Payroll Supervisor
    Hind Zegoud
     Procurement Supervisor
    Jeanette Evans
    Retirement and Disability Programs Supervisor 
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