LCPS Google Account Security

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    As part of Loudoun County Public Schools' continual security improvement efforts, beginning April 2nd 2024, LCPS Google accounts will only be allowed to connect to approved applications. After April 2nd, applications that support the "Sign in with Google" functionality will need to be reviewed and approved for use. All applications that are supported for use with LCPS Google accounts have already been allowed and will continue functioning normally after April 2nd. As new applications are approved for use, LCPS Google accounts will be allowed to connect if appropriate. Reducing third-party application providers’ access to LCPS staff and student data improves our exposure should a third party have a data security incident. 

    These security enhancements are separate from ongoing efforts to restrict access to inappropriate websites. If LCPS Google accounts are prevented from connecting to an application, that application's website may still be accessible.

    The table below contains all approved applications that will allow "Sign in with Google" functionality. In addition to the "Sign in" option, some applications require more permissions to LCPS Google accounts, such as access to a user's Google Drive, Contacts, Photos, or other services. Those services are listed in the table for reference.

    Note: The table below will not be continuously updated as new applications are allowed. After April 2nd, use the Ed Tech Catalog to view approved applications.


    How to Prepare

    To prepare for this security change, all LCPS users should follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Review all current connections to your LCPS Google account by visiting Be certain you are logged into your browser with your LCPS Google account.

    Step 2: Follow these instructions to remove access to personal services or services you no longer use. Anything not related to LCPS business or instructional use should be removed.

    Step 3: Review the table below of applications approved for use with LCPS Google accounts. After April 2nd, LCPS Google accounts will only connect to these applications.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    See the LCPS Google Account Security FAQ page.


    Allowed App Lookup Table

    Note: You must be logged into your LCPS Google account to view the data below.


Last Modified on March 7, 2024