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    Lydia Rollins
    Health Office
    Steuart W. Weller Elementary

    The Health office is open during regular school hours.


    Important News from the Health Office Assistant, Mrs. Lydia Rollins
    The following forms are now available on the LCPS web site by going to District (at the top/left) > Services > Student Health Services > Forms as well as all general information pertaining to the health office:
    • Medication
    • Diabetes
    • Severe Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Seizures
    • Doctor order forms for parents
    • Athlete physical forms needed for all sports

    Health policies:
    Health offices in Loudoun County Public Schools are committed to caring for many students' health needs.

    Parents/Guardians are advised to give medications at home whenever possible.  If it is necessary that a medication be given during school hours, the following regulations must be followed:

    Medication must be brought to school in the original container with appropriate label intact. Parent/guardian must bring medication to the nurse, health clinic assistant, or designee. Medication will be kept in a locked medicine area of the health office.

    The Nurse/ Health Office Assistant must have written instructions from the physician in order to administer prescription medications. These should include:

    • Student's name
    • Name and purpose of medicine
    • Dosage and time of administration
    • Possible side effects and actions to take if those occur
    • End date for administering the medicine
    • Parent signature gives permission to administer medicine and to contact physician if necessary
    • Physician's signature.

    All prescription medicine must be in the original pharmacy bottle with proper label containing the student's name, medication, dosage, and instructions for administration. If you ask, the pharmacy will give you an extra bottle for liquid or tablets with the proper amount of medicine for school. 


Last Modified on August 19, 2019