•                           Liberty School Counselors


                                                                 Ms. Courtney Bogan: Grades 2 & 5

                                              Ms. Maria Dacey: Grades K & 4

                                   Ms. Ellen Foley: Grades 1 & 3



                     * United Mental Health Team    *School Psychologist: Sonya Lanier-Sonya.Lanier@lcps.org

                                                                        *School Social Worker: Monica Belton-Monica.Belton@lcps.org

                                                                        *Doctoral Intern: Terrell Wyche-Terrell.Wyche@lcps.org

                                                                        *School Counselor: Courtney Bogan-Courtney.Bogan@lcps.org

                                                                        *School Counselor: Maria Dacey-Maria.Dacey@lcps.org

                                                                        *School Counselor: Ellen Foley-Ellen.Foley@lcps.org





     *The school counselor is the first point of contact for initial student concerns.  The school counselor will collaborate and plan for supports with other school-based mental health team members (i.e., school psychologist, school social worker, student assistance specialist), as appropriate.