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5th Grade Camp Highroad Field Trip Monday, May 22nd 9am - 2pm (Allen, Diamond, Dirheimer, Nykorchuk) Tuesday, May 23rd 9am - 2pm (Bechard, Culver, Peckham)  Image DARE Graduation Monday, June 5th 8:30am in the gym. 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Thursday, June 8th 8:30am in the gym There will be a ceremony to recognize the hard work our fifth graders achieved while in elementary school. This promotion ceremony will take two hours in the gym, including the fifth grade promotion .  5th Grade Talent Show To Be Announced  5th Grade Promotion Celebration   Volunteers needed for the end-of-year party for the rising sixth graders. Please email Kristy Jones ( to notify her of your desire to help out with the fun day for the Liberty Eagles.    

Fifth Grade

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