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    A few tips when planning your family's STEMmerday:


    • Start planning by deciding which "Battle Bots" competitions you would like to attend based upon your children's grade levels.  Mr. Gray, our Dean, will host these competitions until only one bot remains.
    • Notice that all rooms colored yellow have sign ups.  You may want to sign up for those rooms upon arrival.
    • Talk to your child about his or her interests before STEMmerday begins.  There are over 30 activities and you may not be able to get to each room.
    • If you haven't created one already to follow your child's teachers and the school at @LCPSLiberty, please sign up for a free Twitter account and tweet your photos and videos using the hashtag #STEMmerday while at the event.
    • Have fun!

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    On Saturday, March 11, 2017, students and their families will have the opportunity to be immersed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for an entire day during Liberty Elementary School’s seventh annual STEMmerday! STEM education, which builds crucial skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity while preparing students to be contributors in a globally competitive world, is a focus at Liberty.  Liberty Elementary, which was recently recognized this year as a STEM Excellence Elementary School by FETC (Future Education Technology Conference) opens its doors on a Saturday each year to provide families the opportunity to experience over 30 STEM design challenges, live shows, coding, robotics and fun in a celebration of family engagement and interest in STEM education.


    New this year at Liberty’s STEMmerday is the opening of “Battle Bots Arena.”  Prior to STEMmerday, each K-5 class designed a “battle bot” powered by Sphero robotics that seeks to pop competitor’s balloons while protecting its own.  Beginning at 11:00 AM, grade levels will compete in the Battle Bot Arena in a contest hosted by Liberty’s Dean, Alex Gray, to see which class has the last bot standing. The winners at each level will enter the Championship Battle as the culminating activity to close STEMmerday.


    In addition to many incredible live shows that have been featured previously at STEMmerday, the day will now feature a live petting zoo on campus for students to learn about the life sciences.  The petting zoo will showcase many animals from Bar C Ranch for families to discover and pet exotic and domestic friendly animals.  However, the star of this year’s zoo at STEMmerday is sure to be Roofus, a 1-year-old baby kangaroo weighing 25 pounds.  The live petting zoo will give children an up-close opportunity to experience and learn about Roofus and his friends.


    As students move past the petting zoo, they will experience the excitement of our new “Sky High Drop,” a redesign of egg drop that asks for students to design a crash resistant container for an egg to withstand a drop from the Dulles South Fire Department’s 7-story ladder. Withstanding an emergency in the community, the fire truck should be stationed in the rear of the school so students can lift their unique designs up the ladder and experience the 70 foot drop onto the blacktop.


    Inside Liberty, our teachers and community volunteers will be joined by student teachers from James Madison University, our new school-business partner, to facilitate many new design challenges including a collaboration between Liberty’s STEM team and Dr. Neil Kravitz, called “Be a Dentist.”  Families will use iMotion time-elapsed videos and UV lights to show the positive effects of brushing teeth.  In addition to connecting activities to students’ real lives, many of Liberty’s STEM design challenges are rooted in children’s literature, including when families race against the clock in Breakout EDU to problem solve, decipher codes, and unlock combinations to rescue Mouse’s crayons based on the book If You Take a Mouse to School. 

    STEMmerday is sure to be an exciting day at Liberty Elementary School.  The day begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 2:30 PM.  STEMmerday is a free event to Liberty families due to the tremendous support of the Liberty Community, Liberty PTA and business partners, James Madison University, Kravitz Orthodontics, and STRATactical LLC.

Last Modified on March 3, 2017