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    Welcome to my web page.  Above is a picture of another of my favorite signs of spring!  25 years ago the road by my house was widened such that it would cut through the yard of an old abandoned stone house.  A 100 year old wisteria growing in that yard would be paved over.  So I took 2 little starts from the wisteria to hopefully, save the lineage of the historic plant.  25 years later this wisteria proudly blooms in all of its glory!!!
    I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Youngstown State University in Mathematics with minors in both Computer Science and Accounting.  For 16 years, I had a very enjoyable career in the computer industry.   I earned my teaching certification from Old Dominion University.  I look forward to a wonderful 15th year at Broad Run High School!!!
    My schedule for the 2018 - 2019 school year is:
    Office Hours from 8:30AM to 9:00AM, daily.  Students are encouraged to see me at this time for help.
    ****A Day****
    1st -- Algebra 2 
    2nd -- Math Lab
    3rd -- Algebra 2 with Trig
    4th -- Algebra 2 with Trig
    ****B Day****
    5th -- Planning
    6th -- Algebra 2 with Trig
    7th -- Planning
    8th -- Algebra 2 with Trig 
    Students and parents, please find quarterly plans, assignments and class notes on my website; see the links to the left of this screen.  
    Please contact me via email for other requests, questions or clarifications.  cmellott@lcps.org
    Parents, you may also contact me by phone at the main Broad Run High School phone number (571) 252-2300.
    HELP:  Most mornings I will be in my room from 8:30AM to 9:00 AM, to help my students.  Help is also available during study hall and during lunch in the Math Lab, Room 101. 
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