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    CCE School Counselors

     Beth Helman, Sydney McLelland, and Amy Starr

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    The Google Classroom "School Counseling - CASE" that began March 30th and will be the source of CASE Lessons until June 10th! 

    The "School Counseling - CASE Google Classroom" will be for students in K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade. 

    K-4th grade Students will be invited to join through either 

    ~an email from their teacher with a code,

    ~or an email invitation to 'join' the class.  

    {CASE stands for Career, Academic, Social and Emotional Lessons.}

    The 5th grade students will continue to access their CASE lessons

    through the Google Classroom "5th Goes The Distance


    School Counselor for Kindergarten and 1st grade students is Ms. Helman.

     Ms. Helman.


    School Counselor for 2nd and 3rd grade is Mrs. McLelland.



    School Counselor for 4th and 5th grade is Mrs. Starr.

    Mrs. Starr.

     ~4th & 5th will be completing their ACPP Documents through their "Teacher & Starr" Google Classroom. 

     Click on the blue linked name above if you want to email your child's Counselor or call 703-957-4480.  


    Please Note: While schools are closed for the remainder of the year,

    please use this resource https://www.lcps.org/Page/220727 to secure mental health services for you or your child(ren).

    Mental Health & Wellness Resources and Student & Family Services: LCPS UMHS - https://www.lcps.org/Page/227814

    Continuity of Education: https://www.lcps.org/Page/227619


     Back To School Nights! (8/20/19 & 9/5/19)

    The School Counseling team presented at the Back to School Night on Aug. 20, 2019 for Kindergarten and then on Sept. 5, 2019 for 1st-5th grades. We have included the 3 main areas that we focus as a synergizing school coounseling team!  Your child is encouraged to talk to any of the school counselors!  We each focus on instruction and needs of the grades indicated above.  However, we are a team that will meet the needs of any grade level student to ensure that they are given priority when in a crisis. 

    CCE School Counselors

    Key points:
    • The CCE Counseling Team are the safe and supportive staff that your child can talk to!  
    • Contact us if your worried about your child.
    • We run groups throughout the year.  Parents and teachers can recommend students for a group.  Parents must give written permission for their child to be in a group.  The group will be scheduled to minimize missing any academic instruction. 
    • CASE: We all teach lessons to every class every other week. 
    • Boys and girls shoudl be just friends in elementary school. Research shows they will develop a better sense of self, have more academic confidence, feel safer in their classrooms, and be more successful later in life!  It is a win-win!  
    • ACPP: Your child starts in Kindergarten through 5th grade to learn and explore different career choices that are available!

    The purpose of the school counseling program is to help all students succedd both academically and socially. As school counselors, we will be working with all students in the following domains:

    • Career development
    • Academic development
    • Social development
    • Emotional awaremess/development

    The school counseling curriculum will be incorporated in several ways throughout the year including CASE Lessons, small group enrichment, as well as additional counseling services.

    CASE stands for Career Academic Social Emotional (awareness/developement) Lessons. The counselors at CCE follow the VDOE school counseling SOLs, ASCA mindsets & behaviors, and is adding Social Justice standards. 




    School Counseling Lessons called C.A.S.E. Lessons: 

    We will be meeting with each classroom throughout the school year for school counseling lessions. Lessons will be taught every other week and are 30 minutes for grades K-2 and 45 minutes for grades 3-5. These lessons will include character education, study skills, test-taking skills, conflict resolution, friendship, making and keeping friends, team building, problem solving, and careers while linking to the Leader in Me curriculum.


    Small Group Counseling:

    We will be leading several small groups, on several topics, throughout the school year. Each group will meet for 15-30 minutes, during the school day, at a mutually agreed upon time between school counselor and classroom teachers. Each group will run for 4-8 weeks. Administrators, teachers, and parents may refer students to participate in the small groups. Small group participation is option and parents must give permission for their child to participate in the small groups. Please contact us for more information.


    Counseling Services:

    Individual Counseling- Students may meet with us individually to discuss any issues throughtou the year. A student may refer themselves by filling out a guidance form or letting his/her teacher know. Teachers or parents may also refer children at any time by contacting us. These concerns may include, but are not limited to, the following topics: illness or death of a loved one, seperation or divorce of parents, conflicts with friends or siblings, and/or concerncs that are interfering with academic performance or social development.


    Parent Consultation:

    We are available to consult with parents on any issue that may be interfering with your child's academic performance or social development. Please contact us to set up an appointment at any time throughout the school year. We can be reached by email Beth.Helman@lcps.org, Amy.Starr@lcps.org, and Sydney.McLelland@lcps.org. You can also reach us by contacting the school office at 703-957-4480.


    Parent Resource Library:

    A parent resource library has been set up in the school counselors' offices.  Many resources are available on a number of topics including school success, character education, effective discipline techniques (for home) and conflict resolution. Please schedule an appointment to check out our parent resources!


    Mentoring Programs:

    We offer a faculty mentoring program called "Triple Crown Colts" (Check In/Check Out) for students as well as a peer monitoring (peer buddies) program between older and younger students. Please contact your child's school counselor for more information. 


    RRHS PEER Partnership: 

    CCE 4th and 5th grades have the fantastic opportunity to work with RRHS student!  The High School Students come to CCE once a month in the mornings, to teach CCE students about kindness, leadership, and diversity in a fun interactive manner.  The Rock Ridge High School Students come to CCE before heading to RRHS for their normal school day.  The students are supervised at CCE by Mrs. Starr, Ms. Helman, or Mrs. McLelland.  The partnership began in 2016 and we are very pleased with the leadership and win-win oppertunities for the CCE and RRHS students! 

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