• English Language Learners




    EL Team

    Mrs. Trisha Smith, Mrs. Melissa Thorne,  Mrs. Kimberly Glaes,

    Mrs. Kelly Ahn, & Ms. Katelyn Scott 


    Our school is a wonderfully diverse community where our students and families collectively speak more than 30 languages. We strive to honor the value of our student’s home language while encouraging them to increase their English language proficiency. The EL teachers work closely with the classroom teachers to meet the individual needs of our Language Learners.  Our focus is on each student’s growth in the areas of listening, speaking, writing and reading English. We provide services within the classroom, supporting our students during literacy, math and content activities. At times, we may pull students in small groups for academic support specific to their needs. We strive to ensure that all EL students are challenged and engaged in all areas of study.