• Creighton's Corner

         The site of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School is located on the road east of the historical Royville Post Office established in 1893.  The property was originally a dairy farm owned by Lee Thompson.  The post office closed in 1910, bringing an end to historical Royville.  Around 1914, L.B. “Billy” Creighton came to the crossroads of Brambleton.  Billy Creighton was a Midwesterner, said to be of Scottish decent, that converted the Thompson’s property from a dairy farm to a stock farm raising sheep and cattle.  Mr. Creighton’s claim to fame was that he owned the area’s first automobile, an open Velie touring car.  About 1932, the state started preparing highway maps and changed Billy Road to Creighton Road.  At that time, the name Royville was changed to Creighton’s Corner.  Around 1950, the Creighton family house burned down and our school has been built to memorialize this historical property.


    Velie Touring Car