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              Welcome to Second Grade!
Welcome to 2nd Grade  
Dear Parents,

                Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We have an interesting and challenging school year planned! Your student will explore multiple areas of social studies and science, including hands on activities and real life experiences. Our math curriculum will build on 1st grade topics learned while enhancing problem solving skills.  Writing expectations will include independently revising and editing student’s own work once initial copies are complete.  2nd grade reading curriculum will begin introducing new concepts of learning and by the end of the year students will be expected to write a thorough retelling of the text, and reflect and interpret what they have read.  Your child will be expected to achieve a higher level of responsibility as we move through the school year.

The 2nd grade team is very excited about working with you and your student this coming school year.  


~The 2nd Grade Team


Mrs. Braudaway
Ms Christie
Mrs. Countryman 
Mrs. Creech
Mrs. Fishman
Mrs. Haller
Mrs. Morrill
Mrs. Snead