Fourth Grade Student Landscape
      This year in Art, students will have the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create art works of their own. Each class will meet with one of the two Art Teachers once a week for 50 minutes throughout the year. Projects require imagination and are sometimes integrated with classroom content. Our curriculum covers the key components needed to understand and explore art!
     We will explore several different types of ART and ideas, including Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract Art, Pop Art, The Renaissance, Design, Architecture, form, texture, shape, color and more. The children will Paint, Draw, explore Sculpture and Ceramics, make Collage, Print and create Assemblage. They will learn to analyze, describe, critique, brainstorm, reflect and refine their art and the art of others.
    The materials students will be using are non-toxic and generally washable but please send your child in clothes that can get messy on their art day. Often materials a unpredictable and can stain clothing.

    *Each of my lessons are affiliated with the criteria of the Loudoun County Standards of Achievement, the Virginia Standards of Learning, and the National Visual Arts Content Standards.



Last Modified on August 30, 2017