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 Maximum class sizes for the 2016-2017 school year have been established at LCPS.
Elementary Schools are as follows:
Kindergarten:   25
Grades 1-3:      28
Grades 4-5:      31 
As these maximums are reached at specific grade levels, new students will be assigned to another LCPS school through the Office of Elementary Education and placed on a numbered waiting list.  If space should become available during the year, parents will be given the option to either enroll their child at the home school or have their child remain in the overflow school for the remainder of the school year.  Transportation will be provided by the school district for any child assigned to an overflow school.  
At this time, our Second Grade has reached its maximum capacity. 

Please use the Site Shortcuts menu to review additional information pertaining to the following steps.

Step 1 - Eligibility

Age Eligibility - Children must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 30 of the school year to be eligible to attend kindergarten. There are no exceptions to this state requirement.  In addition, if a student has not reached 20 years old on or before August 1st of the school year. Some students may qualify for an extension.

Residency Eligibility - Students must reside with a parent or court-appointed legal guardian in Loudoun County. Please refer to Special Registration Situations if you are not the legal parent. Step-parents are not eligible to enroll a student.

Residency - Students will attend the school zoned for their home/primary address. The school system may re-verify residency any year a student is enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools. If you wish to attend a school in another attendance zone, you must register at your zoned school and then request Special Permission. Please refer to the Special Permission site. Please see Special Registration Situations for additional considerations.

Step 2 - Gather Documents

Parents registering their children must provide proof of age, identity, county residency and immunizations. Review Documents Needed to Register for examples of acceptable verification documentation. If you are unable to produce these items, please contact the Senior Registrar at or 571-252-1238.

Step 3 - Complete Registration Form

You may pre-register online or submit a paper version at the school zoned for your home address. Use the Attendance Boundary E-Listing to determine the zoned school.

To register with paper versions, Download Registration Forms or visit your child's zoned school for a registration packet. To pre-register online, you must have or create a ParentVUE account. Use the Online Pre-registration page for detailed steps and downloadable resources.

Step 4 - Make Registration Appointment

Once you have collected all the required registration documentation, please call the child's zoned school to make an appointment to complete the registration process. A student registration is NOT complete until the parent or court-appointed legal guardian submits the required documentation in person to the school. The Attendance Boundary E-Listing lists school phone numbers and directions for the child's zoned school.

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Last Modified on March 17, 2017