Welcome to the Art Room!

       The art room at Rosa Lee Carter is a very exciting place!  Every child in grades 1-5 will visit the art room for instruction once a week.  Classes are for 50 minutes. During this time your child will learn how to draw, paint, create in clay, weave and also do many other grade specific projects.  I have a degree in studio art, so I am a very hands on teacher.  I will give specific instructions for a project, and then allow your student to add their own creative touches.  I always say yes when a student asks to try something different.  I will encourage your student to think creatively while giving him/her the tools to be successful.
       Why is art important?  It fosters creative thinking.  Students may know the facts, but using these facts creatively is what will solve problems.  The art program also enforces what is being taught in the academic classroom.  Lessons encompass math and science as well as social studies.  Please encourage your student in art!
       Please make note of the day your student will be attending art.  The student needs to be dressed appropriately.  We do messy projects, and your student needs to be free of worries that a parent will be angry due to spills, etc.  You may send in a labeled shirt that will only be worn by your student for messy projects.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.
       Art leaves no student behind! 
Last Modified on June 18, 2017