• Welcome Back!


    What's Happening in Art


    During our 2021-2022 school year, so many exciting things are happening. Mrs. Saverino is so happy to be back in the classroom at RLC, teaching our students at school. This year we will be learning about Art History, The Elements of Art and Principles of Design, art making techniques like shading, perspective and proportions, and so much more! We will be painting, sculpting, doing collage, drawing, weaving and doing ceramics. Bring your imagination and let's make some beautiful art!


     9 Week Plan

    During this 2nd quarter, will be weaving, and using collage techniques. We will also be learning more about the Seven Elements of Art: line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space. We will be creating "Elements of Art Sketchbooks" to learn more about, and practice the different elements that make up artwork. 

    5th graders will be designing a cover for The Howler, our annual RLC yearbook. All students will create a design, and the best design will be on the cover of the yearbook this year. Other excellent designs will be found throughout the yearbook as well. 


Last Modified on March 14, 2022