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    Amy Buckley, M.Ed., NBCT

    • English Department
    • National Board Certified Teacher of Secondary English Language Arts
    "A" Day Schedule 
    • Period 1 (9:15-10:49): A.P. Seminar, AP Capstone Diploma Program
    • Period 2 (10:55-12:23): Planning Period
    • Period 3 (12:29-2:29):  English 12  ["B" Lunch: 12:59-1:29]
    • Period 4 (2:35-4:03):  A.P. English Literature
    "B" Day Schedule 
    • Period 5 (9:15-10:49): Creative Writing
    • Period 6 (10:55-12:23): Study Hall
    • Period 7 (12:29-2:29):  A.P. English Literature   ["B" Lunch: 12:59-1:29]
    • Period 8 (2:35-4:03): Planning 
    Assignments & Information:
    • All classes will be using Google Classroom.   



    Education & Specializations:


    Harvard University-Graduate School Extension Studies

    The George Washington University, M.Ed. in Secondary Education

    Ambassador University, B.A. in English & Theology  

    • National Board Certification, English/Language Arts
    • A.P. Seminar, College Board Certified Instructor


    My teaching philosophy is rooted in authentic learning experiences and student engagement through student agency. I believe that critical thinking is  the foundation for lifelong learning, and the ability to use language as a means to achieve your goals and to analyze to form hypotheses for current problems are the keys to success in whatever career or field of interest a student chooses to pursue. For every problem there is a solution, and I strongly believe that communication can solve most problems or anxiety. 


    If you have questions or need extra help, please send an email to amy.buckley@lcps.org.