Hello, students, parents, and fellow teachers, and welcome to my webpage.  I am: a proud graduate of Broad Run, attended both Longwood and James Madison Universities, I have five beautiful daughters, and am in my 14th year of teaching Math here.  I will teach Advanced Algebra(formally known as PreCal), and Geometry but love all areas of Math.   If you need to contact me please do so by email, Ruth.Swartzbaugh@lcps.org.
    Resources for help:
    Geometry students can go to www.classzone.com for extra resources that correlate to the textbook.  Both Geometry and Advanced Algebra can go to www.khanacademy.com for another website that provides video's and extra practice.  Click here to go to Mr. Muscarella's website to access his video's.  The video's for Geometry and Advanced Algebra can be located under Students. Geometry students may also go math lab during their study hall to receive extra help.  I recommend for math lab students bring homework or textbook with questions.  Students are also able to contact me through remind.  I encourage students to reach out to me this way since I am here at school everyday but am only here half of the day.  
    My class schedule is:
    Block 1 - Geometry Room 125
    Block 2 - 
    Block 3 -
    Block 4 - 
    Block 5 - Advanced Algebra Room 125
    Block 6 - Geometry Room 125
    Block 7 - 
    Block 8 - 
    My class syllabus, and course outlines(calendar) are accessible as links to the left of this page.  Please select the course you want to view.  Grades are posted on Phoenix.  Both are updated regularly.  
Last Modified on August 21, 2017