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              Welcome to Waterford's first grade page! We are going to have an amazing school year! We will laugh, sing, explore, create, and grow together. Please browse throughout this website to learn more about first grade.
       Each year, first grade participates in a county wide program called “Loudoun Creates”. This program encourages students to create media that educates their peers. Each week, our class will feature a “Reader of the Week” and his or her creation. Each student creator will take photos using an iPad, record their own voice, select font types, and select background music for their video. The teacher will assist the student with putting all of the elements together using the iMovie app.
     Please enjoy the videos from the 2016-2017 school year. Every student has a featured video!
     Celebrating Mother's Day
      Celebrating Poetry Month! (Day 5) 
     Celebrating Poetry Month! (Day 4)
    Celebrating Poetry Month! (Day 3)
     Celebrating Poetry Month! (Day 2)
    Celebrating Poetry Month! (Day 1)
    Week of March 13: Happy St. Patrick's Day  
    Week of March 6: Visualizing 
    Week of Feb 20: Main Idea
    Week of Feb 13: Context Clues
    Week of Feb 6: Black History Month