Welcome to Kindergarten!
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    We are very excited to welcome you the world of Kindergarten! Kindergarten is designed to provide an educational environment to actively test and extend your child’s knowledge. Our goal is to create meaningful experiences that will help your child to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We desire for the Kindergarten children at Waterford Elementary to become lifelong learners who are also confident readers, writers and problem solvers.

    In Kindergarten, children are taught through a variety of activities and lessons that include music, poetry, games, art, literature and hands-on experiences. Students will be working in a variety of ways. Sometimes we will be working together. At other times, students will be working in small groups, with a partner, or on their own. The goal for every child at Waterford Elementary is for each teacher to choose the best pathway of instruction to meet the needs of every individual student. It is our objective that all students will be offered challenging learning experiences that keep each child actively involved in their learning.