Welcome to School Counseling!
    I am looking forward to meeting and talking with every student at Sully Elementary School! As the counselor, here are a few of the ways I will get to know and serve your student:
                                                    CLASSROOM Counseling 

    I will visit each classroom every other week and conduct classroom counseling lessons.  This classroom time will be used to help students develop strong personal and social skills in eight different areas, such as career, study skills, anxiety management, diversity, and many more.  


    Small counseling groups will be run throughout the school year depending on the identified needs of our students.  These groups are designed to give students the opportunity to interact with other children their age who are dealing with the same concerns or working on similar skills.  The groups will meet for four to six weeks for 30 minute sessions.


    Individual counseling services will be offered to students who have been identified as needing extra support at school.  Teachers, parents, and administration can make referrals for individual counseling at which point a permission form will be sent home for parents to sign.  The student and I will meet once per week or every two weeks for approximately 30 minute sessions.  If students need further support, a referral for outside counseling services may be made.

Last Modified on October 21, 2016