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Mirror  Ridge
Bus  Stops
Run ID   SUG.001
Route ID   717

Stop Time

/ Description
7:20 am

  South Cottage at Green Utility
  Box past Kohl's

7:22 am

  Mirror Ridge Place  and  Landau Court

7:23 am

  Reflection Way / Beacon Drive  
  and  Mirror Ridge Place

7:24 am

  North Mirror Ridge Place / Mirror Ridge
  Court  and  Twinridge  Square

7:26 am

  Mirror Ridge Place   and   Silhouette Square

Students should be at their designated bus stop at least five minutes  ( 5 min ) prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Please direct any questions to Pupil Transportation ,
Debbie Ardinger  703 -771 - 6540 , ext 41.

Last Modified on August 27, 2008