Welcome Back to a GREAT school year!!!

    Welcome to a new school year! We are so excited to have our students back! They have settled in and teaching and learning is in full force! As a school, we made a lot of percentage growth last year: reading up by 11 points (from 74 to 85), math by 7 points (from 81 to 88), history by 14 points (from 83 to 97), and science by 8 points (from 55 to 63). Our goal is to increase even more this year in all subjects, especially science. We’ve made a lot of progress; however, there is MUCH work to be done, so our students finish on top. We are working hard, so they will be career and college-ready.


    We look forward to the partnership between home and school to continue to grow. We need volunteers to help throughout the school. Whether being a Room Mom or Dad, copying papers for teachers, laminating, helping classroom teachers with other work, or volunteering with the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization), WE NEED YOU! We invite you to get involved! Our theme this year is “One Team, One Dream”, and we would like you to work with us to help our students go from good to great! This will be our best year yet!

    Dr. Gail Brady, Principal 
     Ms. Gail Brady
Last Modified on September 1, 2016