• Digital Citizenship Resources

    Common Sense Media is an adopted curriculum used to teach students to safely, effectively, and ethically use technology in school and at home.  Sterling Elementary has also become a Common Sense Certified School in Digital Citizenship. Below is the link to the Common Sense Media curriculum.

     Common Sense Media
     - Adopted curriculum for students to learn
        * Media Balance & Well-being
        * Privacy & Security
        * Relationships & Communication
        * Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech
        * Digital Footprint and Identity
        * News & Media Literacy
    >Common Sense Media parent resources:     English       Spanish
    > Check out this video playlist about parenting in the digital age
    > Looking to engage your family in conversations or activities centered around Digital Citizenship?  Look here for resources that cover many topics.  
    > Making screen time safe and positive is important. Here is a Family Tech Planner that can help you to achieve this goal.   
Last Modified on October 4, 2023