•  Welcome to the Resource Program

    Welcome to the Resource page for Sterling Elementary School. Loudoun County Public Schools provides special education services for children ages 2 - 21. Students who are identified as eligible for services will have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Services can begin as early as 2 years of age. Here at Sterling Elementary, we provide services to those identified students inside the inclusive general education classroom, as well as within the resource room. Being an inclusive school means that all students in our school, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses, become part of the school community for a portion, or all of their day. There is a feeling of belonging among students, teachers, and support staff members. 
    We aim to provide specially designed instruction to our students with disabilities. This type of instruction means adapting, as appropriate to the needs of an eligible child, the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction:

    1. To address the unique needs of the child that result from the child's disability; and
    2. To ensure access of the child to the general curriculum, so that the child can meet the educational standards that apply to all children within the jurisdiction of the local educational agency. 
    "So often you find that the students you're trying to inspire are the ones who end up inspiring you" ~ Sean Junkins 
Last Modified on October 24, 2023