Welcome to Physical Education! 
    Seldens Landing PE Teachers

    Seldens Landing Elementary promotes practices that encourage students to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Students will participate in activities that will promote skills, teamwork, and cooperation. Students are always encouraged to have fun and try their best. 

    Each class will have two 50 minute P.E classes this year. Please make sure your child comes to school ready to be active.

    Here are some things that will help make PE as fun and SAFE as possible this year:

    1.     Everyone MUST wear sneakers for safety on their PE days!!! Please no crocs, boots, or sandals   

    2.    If you are wearing a dress/skirt please wear shorts under them. 

    3.    If a student has a medical condition or injury, please send a note/medical excuse.

    4.    If a student needs to miss more than one week of P.E, a doctor's note is required!

Last Modified on June 7, 2023