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    Art at Seldens Landing
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    SLES Art Class Mission Statement: In Art Class, our mission is to foster and encourage curiosity, creative thinking, artistic growth, and visual learning in the classroom and beyond.

    Quarterly Plans

    Quarter 2 Plans :

    During the second quarter, fifth-grade students will be refining skills learned during the first quarter and turning observational drawing studies into imaginative animal species illustrations that will eventually lead to the creation of ceramic sculptures. Fourth grade will continue to learn how to render the human form and take inspiration from drawings of wooden mannequins and their classmates to create dynamic action people compositions. Our third graders explore spatial relations through landscapes, creating winter-themed landscapes that show depth using foreground and background elements. In second grade, we will be working with collage, exercising those fine motor skills by ripping and tearing paper to make beautiful fish, as well as cutting and pasting to create musical bands, all of it using repurposed papers. In kindergarten and first grade, we are fine-tuning 

    our pattern recognition and rendering skills, as well as working more with cutting and painting with watercolors. All Art Club sessions will finish before our winter break, and a new Winter/Spring set of sessions will begin early in the new year!

     Art is the most ancient and basic form of human communication. The need to communicate visually is within every human being to some degree, and it is crucial for an advanced-thinking society to continue to foster these internal needs on an academic level. Here at Seldens Landing, we use art class to allow students to exercise these basic human needs, as well as foster important developmental motor skills and creative thinking skills. As illustrated in Daniel Pink's book, "A Whole New Mind", for a society to succeed, it must strive to make art education and creative thinking a top priority. Art is far more than decorative - it allows us to learn about the world and about ourselves through the use of visual language.  At Seldens Landing we understand this and implement this understanding within the art curriculum.
    15 Things Your Child Learns from Art:
    1. Develops creative thinking.
    2. Provides means of communication and self-expression.
    3. Serves as an emotional release.
    4. Strengthens the self-concept and confidence.
    5. Increases self-understanding.
    6. Heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity.
    7. Enhances the ability to visualize.
    8. Provides problem-solving/decision-making opportunities.
    9. Develops appreciation for the individuality of others.
    10. Leads to the integration of the individual.
    11. Serves as a balance to classroom activities.
    12. Aids physical coordination.
    13. Develops work habits and a sense of responsibility.
    14. Aids the adult in understanding and helping the child.
    15. Generates joy.