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    Bienvenue sur le site-web du Dr. DiNicola!

    It is once again an honor to be teaching at Broad Run High School during the 2014-2015 season. This year I will be working with students in French 1, 4 Honors, 5 Honors, and Advanced Placement French Language and Culture, sponsored by the College Board. I am so proud of the performance of my students from last year, especially my former seniors who are now off to college, one hundred percent of them continuing their studies of French. Our Broad Run students again had among the highest averages in the county on their AP French Language and Culture exams! I hope they come back and visit because they shall be missed! Aside from the excitement of reuniting with my returning students in French 4 Honors, 5 Honors, and AP, I am very much anticipating the new faces coming into Broad Run this year. 
    I am also happy to be the sponsor again for the 2014-2015 National Honor Society. A link can be found under ACTIVITIES on the BRHS main web page to connect to the NHS site, for those of who have reached my instructional site and do not take French...Well, not yet, at least. :) Finally, I also serve as the Broad Run High School Department Chair of World Languages and Cultures this year, so if any parents or students have questions regarding our programs offered at our school and the county level, please do not hesitate to ask. On the other hand, our department is rich with talented professionals who are incredible at what they do...and I am fully confident that they can answer many of your questions as well since we function as a team. 
    Paris 2014
    Some exciting plans are yet again underway for this year. This year Broad Run's French program will rekindle its successful exchange with Lycée Gaston Bachelard, located in Bar-Sur-Aube in France, in February 2015. English teacher Laurence Brugniau and I will work concurrently with our students so that they are able to exchange letters in French and English and Skype from our classrooms at various times. Once February rolls around this year, Laurance will bring more than twenty of her students to the USA to reside with our American teenagers and find out what it is really like to be in our high schools. This was a tremendous opportunity for our students and one to which we are looking forward again with anticipation as we travel to Bar-Sur-Aubes over the course of spring break in 2015. Our French Club and National French Honor Society plan to host special daytime and evening events celebrating the French-speaking countries of the world and their supportive cultures, such as movie nights, coffee houses-talent shows, progressive dinners, and cultural festivals. Our National French Honor Society will be working with students at Broad Run as well as mentoring students from Farmwell Station Middle School to assist them with their academic performance in French. We are always striving to provide as much support as possible to our students so that their interest remains high in learning about the Francophone world while learning as much as possible via the activities we perform in classes. This past summer we took more than twenty students, parents, and even my own family members to France, Switzerland, and Italy for an amazing trip where students were able to see their language skills come alive while seeing so many of the sites they have studied in class for years. We plan to do so again in the summer of 2015, adding Germany and Austria in the mix! We are also trying hard to host a musical superstar from France at Broad Run for a concert during the 2014-2015 school year. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
    Sur la colline There is no doubt that students will have to work diligently to succeed in any level of any world languages curriculum. However, the rewards are endless...Students will have avenues to see massive results in building their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a variety of interesting, FUN, and authentic activities.
    The best part about our work is that we shall undertake our studies as a team effort in many capacities, leaving no one behind.

    This user-friendly, communicative website is just an example of the dedication that I promise to give to all of my students. Please visit here regularly to find the following updated consistently to provide information to students and parents:

    • Up-to-date agendas of activities for each day of class for all courses
    • Worksheets, handouts, and other useful documentation for each course
    • National French Honor Society events and up-to-date information
    • National Foreign Language Week events and information
    • Virginia Standards of Learning for Foreign Languages links
    • Links to textbook series used in class for additional practice, online homework assignments, and access to resources which can be used from home in case hard copy materials are left at school
    • Links to useful pages where students can explore French more interactively outside the classroom, honing their skills while finding enjoyment in areas of specialty in which they may take a personal interest
    Please feel free to contact me at any time at Tripp.DiNicola@lcps.org with any questions. My goal is to be accessible to students and parents in order to ensure that we are always having a positive educational experience to promote academic excellence! Here's to a successful 2014-2015 school year!
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