• Mr. Loya

    Hello and welcome to Seldens Landing Elementary! I'm Mr. Loya, the full-time art teacher at Seldens, and it has been my pleasure to teach at such a wonderful and diverse learning environment since 2001.  In art class, our goal is to help young minds learn how to see and think about things creatively. All grade levels explore a variety of world cultures, artists and their work, from both the past and present, as well as ways to improve crucial motor skills. Students will also experience working with many different forms of creative media, from watercolors to acrylics, clay to Model Magic, cut paper collage to colored pencil drawing, and much more, ensuring a well-rounded and thorough art education. Our Virginia art-based SOLs are also applied to each and every lesson throughout the school year. My time teaching art to young people has shown me how much joy and pleasure students get from making things with their own hands, creating things that come from both their hearts and minds. Learning how to think creatively and express oneself visually is very important in all aspects of life. For students interested in further expanding their art education, I will also be offering after-school art classes for all ages throughout the school year, as part of the Seldens Landing PTA.
Last Modified on November 15, 2023