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    Elizabeth McGinley
    Department:World Languages and Culture (Latin)
    Department: English

                       Block 1: Latin II
                       Block 2: Latin I
                                     Latin IV Honors
                                    Latin V Honors
                       Block 3: WLC planning
                       Block 4: Latin I (Farmwell)
                       Block 5: Planning
                       Block 6: Latin III
                       Block 7: English 9 Honors
                       Block 8: English planning

     Phoenix             Schoology

    Sponsored Activities: 
    • Latin Club Sponsor
    • Spartans for Life
    • Bachelors (Latin, English and Music): Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio 
    • Masters in the Art of Teaching: Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan 
    Other Information:
    This is "Magistra" McGinley's  fifteenth year as a Spartan! Before that she taught for five years in Cleveland, Ohio, and then nine years in Middleburg, Virginia.  This year she will teach Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV Honors, Latin V Honors and English 9 Honors.  In her spare time, Magistra enjoys spending time with her husband,  their energetic son, and their Golden Retriever. She loves all things chocolate. 
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