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    Barbara Persing

    Department: Resource
     A Day: Period 1:  
     B Day: Period 6:

    Welcome to my teacher page. My name is Mrs. Barbara Persing, and I am very happy to be a part of the Broad Run High School teaching community. This is my eleventh year at Broad Run High School. I completed my undergraduate degree in education and training and a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership as well as my Masters of Education degree from St. Joseph College in Standish, Maine.  Additionally, I have an Associates of Arts degree in elementary education from Mount Aloysius College  in Cresson, Pennsylvania. I am a native of Pennsylvania, but my husband and I, along with our children, have lived coast to coast.  We are the proud parents of five children, two children-in-law, and  six grandchildren.


    My schedule for the year includes the following:

                                      "A" Day    
    Block 1: Planning (Room #11)                                                             
    Block 2: Direct Instruction English 10  (Room #115) 
    Block 3: English 12 TT Theresa Waterman (Room #202) 
    Block 4: Study Hall (Room #127)   
                                       "B" Day
    Block 5: Direct Instruction English 10 (Room #401)

    Block 6: Planning (Room #11) 
    Block 7: Direct Instruction English 12 (Room #107)  
    Block 8: U. S. Government TT Mark Lucas (Room #127)  

    Please feel free to link to the sites of the teachers above to obtain assignments or other pertinent information to those classes.  I look forward to working with you and your son or daughter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to telephone me at school (571) 252-2300.

Last Modified on February 18, 2014