• What is Occupational Therapy...?

    Occupational therapy combines the art and science of providing and directing activities that serve to restore and enhance performance of skills needed for functional daily living.  The occupational therapist uses a variety of tasks and exercises in the areas of self-care, work and play to increase functional independence, enhance development, and prevent disability. The task or the environment may be adapted to promote maximum independence and improve quality of life.

    How does this relate to Occupational Therapy in the school setting....?

    One of a child's roles is to be successful both academically and socially in school.  Some children require a modified curriculum and/or additional assistance to achieve mastery in these areas.  Through the use of adaptation, teaching, therapeutic exercise and play, and occupational therapist may support a child in reaching their curriculum goals.

    What areas does an occupational therapist address with their students in the school setting...?

        Fine motor skills-hand development, hand strength, grasp patterns, pencil grasp, handwriting, dexterity, scissors skills, shoulder/trunk strength and stability.

        Self-help skills-manage clothing in the school setting (i.e., buttons,, zippers, snaps, tie shoes), feeding skills, and use of adaptive equipment.

        Oral motor skills- facilitation and desensitization of oral structures, positioning techniques, and adaptive equipment. 

        Sensory awareness and processing-recommend sensory strategies to optimize student's learning potential.

Last Modified on June 7, 2013