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    Deidre Knight 

     artist, teacher, solar-powered, FL Gator, nature-loving, beach going, mom
    I am happy to be in my tenth year teaching Art at Broad Run High School. It is my goal to provide a safe and comfortable art studio environment where students can grow their original ideas through the process of brainstorming, exploring, inquiring, researching, producing, succeeding, failing, critiquing and exhibiting artwork. As an artist, I take a sketchbook everywhere I go. Whether new ideas come to mind that I want to write about or I want to capture time and space where I am through observational drawing, I am always looking and exploring a variety of materials and their many possibilities.
    Sketchbook journaling will be part of every art student's journey this year! 
    Don't leave home without it.

    Marker and watercolor study at Lantana Beach, FL

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    BFA in Graphic Design, University of Florida
    Art K-12 Teacher Certification, University of Florida
    Virginia Licensure Art K-12
    AP Art Summer Intensive 
    Schedule of Classes in Room 8
    "A" Day "B" Day
    1 - Planning
    2 - Draw/Paint (semester 1) 
         Photo (semester 2)
    3 - Art I
         (D Lunch)
    4 - AP Studio Art
    5 - Art 1
    6 - Art III & Art IV
    7 - Study Hall
         (D Lunch)
    8 - Draw/Paint (semester 1) 
         Photo (semester 2)
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